The Roots of Performance - check schedule for times

Mon, Apr 5 2021 to Fri, Apr 9 2021

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  • Type of event: Other Region 1 Event
    Description: The Roots of Performance - check schedule for times

    Barbershop is full of specific musical and vocal techniques that make it what it is. 

    But, another important element of our craft is the ability we have
    to communicate through movement and emotion.

    This vital part of our performance is the topic of this week of education. 
    To help us understand the details of this aspect, we have a fantastic line up of educators:

        Vickie Maybury: Director, Skyline Chorus, Expression Judge, Int'l Board Member
    Presents: The Roots of Entertaining Performance

      Judy Pozsgay:  Visual Performance Coach, Choreographer and Showmanship Judge
                            Presents: Visual Communication Takes Root as a New Category

        Erin Howard:  Director, North Metro Chorus, Choreographer, Educator and Coach
                Presents: Let Your Body Sing! - Exploring the Power of Your Body and Mind in Enhancing Musicality

    Plus, From Region 1, the Stage Coaches:  Gina Kaiser, Jane Tamarkin and Karen Sweeters

    Gina and Jane's classes are all about how character and movement affect the song
    And Karen will have her own class on something fabulous!!